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What We Do

Bulk Tea Export

Buying in auction and directly from various factories and exporting in straight lines or blending according to client specifications. Shipping in bulk form without adding value. Provision of accredited tea for example Rainforest Alliance , Fairtrade tea and more

Tea Buying at Auction

We participate in weekly auctions to select the best tea to cater to our Export Market. Our experts are professionals in selecting the best quality tea.

Tea Tasting and Sampling

Providing pre-shipment samples from a wide range of selection that befits the target market. The company has a team of experts in tea tasting, having more than 20 years of experience. The teas are selected, thoroughly tasted, and prepared for shipment as per the clients requirement.

Customized Tea Packing

Value addition and packing of tea. Export of packed tea according to clients specifications.

Tea Blending

We apply tea blending techniques that complies with Global food safety, environmental and international standards

Sales & Marketing

Offering all range of tea to global market both as straight lines or blended teas. Providing tea markets reports to clients to enhance on changing dynamics on Weekly Price fluctuations. Advise on production levels in relation to tea demands.

WASO Tea Company

Waso Tea Enterprise Limited is a  Kenyan company specialized in the export of Bulk and Value Added Tea.

The company is incorporated and duly registered, licensed by relevant Government bodies and agencies. The Company has made strategic partnerships with interested buyers in the following countries. Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Poland, far Asia, Russia, Uzbekistan Chinese and Canadian markets and is keen to exploit these markets by intensive marketing


Waso Tea Enterprise Limited has a wealth of Experience in the Tea Value Chain that is extensive. We participate in Tea buying at weekly Auctions and we then make a selection to ascertain quality


We blend tea using techniques that comply with Global food safety, environmental and international standards. We then add value in packaging it and prepare it for export to clients overseas.


As a pre-shipment protocol, we engage our experts in tasting tea, we send samples to our customers so that they verify quality before making final purchase. We offer our range of tea to the global market through sales and marketing at Tea events and conferences across the globe.